As you can probably tell by now, we are Not Human Clothing. We specialize in making dope clothes that make you feel all kinds of ways. Such as, when you throw on a fresh tee in the morning, you want it to make you feel great, look awesome and probably look different then everyone else’s outfit too. That’s because when it really comes down to buying clothes, that’s what people care about the most, looking awesome and standing out from the crowd and making their wardrobe look that much better at the same time. It’s an added bonus when it lasts forever, feels soft to the touch and makes everyone down on Earth, want to copy your style. That’s why when you shop at the Not Human World, that’s what you get. Some feel good, last forever, awesome looking clothing for any age, gender and ethnicity. Really, it’s for the dreamers, those that dare to be different and want to be somebody. If you want to blend in and be just another shade of grey, this probably isn’t style but it you want to be blue, red, yellow, purple, or anything else amongst all that other black and white boring stuff, then welcome home to the Not Human World, Expression Paradise.